Main Dishes


Preparation of mild spices, Coconut & Cream is used to create the delicacy of its flavours & creamy texture

Rogan Josh

A very popular dish prepared with extra onins, tomatoes, capsicums, traditional herbs and spices. garnished with fried garlic


A fairly hot dish cooked with onions, green pepper, tomatoes, potatoes, ginger, garlic and red chillies


Cooked with fresh coriander, tomatoes, onions & beaten egg. The dish is moist & thick with a flavour of its own


Cooked with a blend of spices, capsicum, onions, tomatoes & cumin seeds


Karahi is a traditional way of cooking in a wok, dishes are prepared with onions, capsicums and tomatoes


(Fenugreek) A fairly hot dish cooked with methi leaves. tomatoe, onion, green pepper and blended with nice spices


A special blend of spices fried together with fresh green pepper, onion and tomatoes. It provides a dish of medium strengh and dry in consistency


Fesh spinach, capcicums & tomatoes

Punjabi Masala

Punjabi dishes are a traditional way of cooking in a wok. Dishes are cooked with capsicums, fried green chillies, onions, yoghurt & special Punjabi spices


Comprising of Bhuna spices & garnished with fried tomatoes, onions and green peppers.

Begum Bahar

A sweet & mild dish that is thick and creamy.Cooked with mango puree,fresh cream & spices garnished with almonds and sultanas


Very mild cooked with pinapple and cream.


Onions and tomatoes are mixed with spicesand fried brisky


A South Indian dish having a greater proportion of spices which lend a fiery taste to its richness


Dansak is a lentil based curry with pineapple and lemon juice to give it a sweet and sour taste


Related to the Madras but involving a greater use of garlic, potatoes, ginger and chillies

Plain Curry

A sauce of medium consistency from a basic range of spices giving rich flavour


A medium dish cooked with mix pickles and spices