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The menu was designed so you taste a bit of the Middle East with all its rich authentic flavours blended with traditional Indian Cuisine. England is fortunate to have such a rich palate pleasing place to enjoy the unique blend of ambience and food. India and England join together in the festive array of foods that are offered to the casual diner and the culinary cuisine seeker.

At the Akbar Balti, the décor readies you for an evening of dining extravaganza. Tables of contemporary design with soft tones of red and cream make The Akbar Balti an inviting cozy restaurant. The menu caters to the fine dining customer who wishes to taste the exotic cuisine of India. From the traditional curry dishes to the more exotic blend of Middle East Spices that make the taste buds come alive; it’s a bit of an extraordinary dining experience. With unusual ingredients such as coconut, almonds, capsicum, yoghurt and Punjabi Spices and methi leaves blended with their entrées.

Their entrées range from spicy to sweet and from creamy to very, very hot; the choices here are a palate’s delight. Meat dishes featured are primarily made of lamb, beef and chicken. The dishes are varied with kebabs and mixed grill and whether you seek a blend of meats and vegetables, the choices are plenty. The menu offers much for the vegetarian as well, with a vast assortment of well chosen entrees and appetizers. Pricing is moderate for most food items and the service is really quite excellent. The restaurant is a lovely date night spot with its quiet serenity.

You can find us at 139a Derby Road, Stapleford, Nottingham and can be reached by telephone at 0115 9497157 or you can order a takeaway online via our website

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